Andy Schectman

Gold is Kryptonite to the US dollar: More Nations Join BRICS: Ghana Trades With Gold

Gold is Kryptonite to the US Dollar; More Nations Join BRICS; Ghana Trades w/Gold – Andy Schectman

Dr. Kia Pruitt:  12-8-2022

In today’s interview, Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin precious metals company explains how and why countries are fleeing the US Dollar and opting for other commodities, namely GOLD.

Recently, Ghana announced that they will be trading GOLD for oil. No longer will they be using the US Dollar.

Also, more nations have joined the BRICS union and left the US Dollar for Gold!

Everyone is fleeing US hegemony. Some say, “it’s now the West against the Rest.” Lol. In actuality, the entire world is returning to the GOLD STANDARD.

BRICS Expansion:

Ghana will trade Gold for oil/fuel:,to%20Vice%20President%20Mahamudu%20Bawumia


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