In Angel1, Dinar Guru Updates 

An ambassador in Iraq in the green zone tells us this past week that the lower denoms are in the banks. We’ve known that. But they said something brand new that we didn’t know…they are ready to disperse the lower denoms…here’s what’s interesting to me.  I don’t believe those that were printed in March are inside of the vaults right now. I believe whatever is in the vaults now per our intel, per our source, is going to be distributed, is going to be released and guess what’s going to come up the rear back to the vaults? What they have been printing…what I’m excited about is the only reason they’re going to print more because there’s about to be a distribution of what you already have…that’s what I’m excited about. I wasn’t just excited about them printing lower denoms. Heck we’ve already known that.  But why are they printing more?  Because there is now need for more…they are pushing this bad boy out in phases! It’s right in front of us…it’s time for distribution.