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What is the 2008 agreement signed between Washington and Baghdad?

A+A-Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein hinted at the return of Iraq and America to the 2008 agreement after the end of the rounds of dialogue.

The Iraqi negotiating delegation is conducting a new round of negotiations with the American side in Washington, DC, in preparation for the upcoming dialogue, next Monday, between Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and US President Joe Biden, and observers expected that the agreement signed between the two countries in the year will top the agenda. The “fourth round” of the strategic dialogue between

Baghdad and Washington.

What is the 2008 agreement signed between the United States and Iraq?

The agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington in 2008 bears the name “The Law of the Security Agreement between the United States and Iraq and the Law of the Strategic Framework Agreement for the Work of American Forces in Iraq.”

The following is a reminder of some of the main provisions of this agreement during the period until the end of 2011:

– US forces must withdraw from Iraqi towns by mid-2009 and leave the country completely by December 31, 2011.
– US contractors are subject to Iraqi law and may be tried in Iraqi courts. US soldiers and civilians working for the US Department of Defense are subject to US military law. But the agreement sets out a mechanism that would allow them to be tried before Iraqi courts in the event of intentionally serious crimes committed outside their bases and outside their assigned duties.

– All fixed buildings used by US forces become the property of Iraq. All US military bases are handed over to Iraq when US forces withdraw from them.
– A joint US-Iraqi committee must approve all military operations. US forces may not search Iraqi homes without an Iraqi permit.
– As for the US forces that remained in Iraq after the end of 2011, their main tasks are to train Iraqi forces, not to participate in combat missions.

It is obliged to stay outside the kasbahs and cities in places and rules agreed upon between the parties.

Either party may terminate the agreement after one year has passed since one of the parties received a written notification from the other party in this regard.