Arch Angel Gabriel

  In Arch Angel Gabriel 

Report on Okie Oilman

We are PLEASED to give You a Favorable & Happy Report.!!!

It is with  sooooo Much GRATITUDE!!! with Faith & Love, that I was asked to  convey  this report.

On Behalf of Kent  Dunn  and OKIE & his  Family. We want to Say  Thank You.!!!

Okie Received his First 4 CC PLASMA TREATMENT of “ Pure Stem Cells” ( please Note treatment cost a bit more as a Request was made to Not Use Stem Cells of “ Unborn or Aborted Babies. often called “ Fetus”.  A special request was made for Pure Stem Cells.

These Cells duplicate inside of 2 days (26-36 hours) .  The First treatment cost $12,500.00 for injections and $500.00 for a necessary Breathing Treatments.

Each treatment has a special count of “ puffs”. So in short the first treatment cost  was approximately 13K.

In Order for him to Recover the treatments need to Continue.

It Is So Wonderful to SEE that We as a People get to Experience the JOY of watching The Miracle Of God along with the The Unity GENEROSITY,  PRAYERS along with  advance discovery to Preserve the Precious Gift of  OKIE’S Life.

Kent Dunn asked me to Say Thank You and Sends His Love To Each and Every one of You that prayed and Extended your Faith and Generous gift and the Continuance  of his Treatments. & Your Support.  You made this Miracle Possible

Thank You Thank You. Grateful to All of You. Thanking God, & His Angels.

A Special Thanks also To Mark Z & His Team ( Specially Salty) for posting the Go Fund me. We are Deeply grateful to Each and Everyone of You.

Arch Angel Gabriel

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