From what I’m getting from the sandbox the whole Mahdi for PM was done to appease Maliki and his Iranian backed goons…keeping them from continuing to throw political monkey wrenches into the process. As far as dinarland is concerned, knowing that GOI + HCL = RV, we don’t care of Daffy Duck is the President and Bugs Bunny is the Prime Minister so long as we get a stable GOI.

Remember CBI Governor Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Alaq has told us a stable environments what is needed to officially initiate the deletion of the zeros project.  We also know they are about to flood the country with lower denominations that must have a new value to be utilized by the citizens. IMO, once we can officially confirm QI Card payments to all citizens from the oil revenues as promised (HCL), whatever it is we have been waiting on all these years will have began.

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