There is finally something to talk about. Yesterday Fifty deputies signed for the deduction of the amount of each barrel of oil and distribution to each individual Iraqi. This is the long awaited HCL. This event is not just about international Dinarians getting a tremendous return on their investment. It is more about Iraqi citizens being paid from the enormous oil wealth of Iraq. Oil rich neighbor Kuwait provides their citizens a monthly food supply. If the government can not find a job for a citizen that citizen gets 200 KD ($650) per month until they are employed. If a citizen works in the private sector…they earn 900 KD per month in addition to the salary their employer provides (that’s almost $3,000 USD per month on TOP of their regular salary!). All Children get $200/mo till their 26 years old. The minimum pension is 1000 KWD ($3,000). Healthcare and education are free.

When the HCL is fully implemented in Iraq, an Iraqi citizen must be able to swipe their Qi card and receive monthly oil benefits anywhere in the world in the currency of whatever country they happen to be in. That will require an internationally recognized, revalued currency just as Kuwait has. Once fully implemented, then and only then will we see any significant increase in value in the IQD.

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