In Arthur

GOI + HCL= RV. GOI wise… its gonna require the voting in of the 3 remaining important ministers or the PM temporarily absorbing these ministries by proxy. As for the HCL “Parliamentary intention to pass the law «oil and gas.” A member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee on the reform and reconstruction movement, Ali Aboudi, the determination of his committee to approve the law of oil and gas, during the current parliamentary session.” He went on to state the importance of passing this law now and that they need to “join the process of distributing the oil wealth to the people.”

There is a direct correlation as to why we have never seen an implemented HCL and we have not seen the deletion of the zeros. IMO the HCL was always designed to be distributed in revaluated IQD. There is question as to whether the RV needs the HCL or the HCL needs the RV but either way they go hand in hand and need each other. The timing of this article is by no means coincidental. Nor was the “secret” visit of the POTUS to Iraq. The beginning of the 1st quarter of 2019 is looking very promising indeed.