In Austin-Powers-For-PM

Normally I’d say that it is entirely possible they’d kick the can down range another 6 months to a year. They’ve been doing this for 10+ years and nothing would stop them to do that again. However, now it’s different. You have a P.M. who isn’t kissing Iran’s rear end. You have things blowing up all over Iran and putting things out of commission. You have a President facing re-election who needs something dramatic to get reelected. You have a global cash liquidity crisis that needs to be dealt with NOW! You have IQD prices going through the roof because nobody can get it. Something BIG is going to happen between now and January 2nd, and I believe before then. I have other reasons that I believe this time somethings in the works, but in any case, the earth is moving. How fast is hard to tell, but believe this is coming.