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I am a member of many Dinar sites and chats. I have noticed that every week in the last couple months we have been seeing incredibly positive and encouraging news from both Intel and news sources and yet the RV/GCR never happens .

Week by week, day by day we have been expectant and excited only to be disappointed over and over again.  Just like the old story of The boy who cried wolf……after so many false alarms…the villagers didn’t believe him any more…..And we all know what happened to that boy in the end…

With all the encouraging and exciting news from many Intel Providers , all the articles and hype everywhere this week about the 20th possibly being so awesome and important for the RV/GCR, I am seeing so many weary and numb people  right now on every site that are no longer believing  it will happen.

Probably afraid to be disappointed once again…Very understandable IMO.

But maybe….just maybe…….the boy who cried wolf will be right this time and instead of being eaten…the villagers will believe this one last time….and the wolf will lose and we will all be happily on our way to exchange.

After all…somebodies going to be right someday……why not this day?