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“Eye of Iraq” publishes the details of the strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington

“Eye of Iraq News” publishes the details of the first round of the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States, which was conducted via a television circle last Thursday.

“What happened between the two sides is not negotiations on a specific topic but rather the launching of dialogue on multiple levels and issues,” adviser to the Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs, Harith Hassan, pointing out that “the first session of the dialogue was at the level of a delegation headed by the foreign ministers of the two countries and representatives of the ministries.” Concerned with files.”

Hassan added, “The selection of the members of the delegation was based on the axes of the strategic framework agreement, including the security, political, economic, cultural and health axis,” explaining that “it is natural for there to be representatives of the ministries talking about what they believe are related to Iraqi-American relations in the field of their specialties.”

He pointed out that “the idea that this dialogue will be exclusively on the subject of the presence of American forces in Iraq is wrong,” noting that “the security axis is one of the axes and includes the issue of the presence of American forces, logistical cooperation, training and armament.”

Hassan added, “If things return to normal after the end of Corona, there is a possibility that an Iraqi delegation will visit the United States, and it may be at the level of the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister,” stressing that “the dialogue continues at multiple levels to follow up on what is agreed upon.”

Security file frameworks

Hassan explained, “The security file moves within the framework of three basic principles, which the Prime Minister defined: the first is the sovereignty of Iraq, the second is the interest of Iraq, and the third is the desire to establish strategic relations with the United States,” stressing that “the Iraqi interlocutor was moving in this context, and these principles It was well clear in the language of the statement, and the American recognition of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and the decisions of its constitutional institutions, the continuation of the reduction of the American forces in Iraq, and the transition to a normal security relationship, based on the common goal specifically to fight ISIS, because the presence of American military forces in Iraq was and still is Its primary goal is to fight ISIS, and then move to a normal security relationship between two countries trying to frame their strategic cooperation through training, armament, technology support, and other things. ”

He continued, “Doubting the Iraqi axes is part of it that has political motives, because some parties did not understand exactly the nature of this dialogue, and I imagined that there is negotiation in closed rooms, in which the core issues are discussed away from the will of the Iraqi constitutional institutions, and this is not true,” stressing that ” These are Iraqi government representatives chosen on the basis of ministerial and institutional representation. ”

Fighting ISIS

The advisor to the Prime Minister stressed that “the American side was very flexible and willing to make the dialogue a success, and from the beginning its position was clear, regarding the reduction of forces.” He pointed out that “the presence of American forces in Iraq is based on two frameworks. The first is the strategic framework agreement between the two countries, and the framework The second is to invite the Iraqi government in letters sent from Iraq to the Security Council to form the international anti-ISIS coalition led by the US.

He pointed out that “these two frameworks are the ones that organized the American presence in Iraq,” explaining that “the American side is committed to these two frameworks, and has pledged that its exclusive mission and sole mandate is related to the conflict with ISIS, and that the process of reducing American forces is a natural result of the decline in the threat of ISIS and the loss of ISIS.” Control over Iraqi territory, which assumes the transition to another stage of cooperation between the two countries.”

Dialogue is an Iraqi success

Hassan added, “The two parties are committed to launching the strategic dialogue, because they have an interest in this dialogue and an interest in strengthening relations between the two countries.” The main in this statement, and there was a good understanding from both sides of the prospects for joint cooperation in the next stage.”

He pointed out that “the strategic dialogue continues, and sessions will be held in Baghdad, according to the circumstances and obligations, and the level of the Iraqi delegation will be determined later.” Source