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The Iraqi parliament sets the price of a barrel of oil at $ 40- $ 50 in the 2021 budget

On Sunday, the Iraqi Parliament’s Finance Committee set the price of one barrel of oil at $ 40- $ 50 in the draft general budget bill for the year 2021.

Committee member Jamal Cougar said, “The draft budget for 2021 will be different from the budget for 2020, given that it contains job grades and the confirmation of contractors on permanent staffing according to the mechanisms of deletion and creation and the status of employees for retirement in previous years.”

He added, “The 2021 budget will be under an operational cover more than an investment, given that the government does not have sufficient funds to provide investment opportunities.”

And Cougar stated, “The price of one barrel of oil will range between” 40-50 “dollars in the draft budget for 2021, given that the government depends on oil revenues to structure and build the draft budget. Source