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Aboul Gheit calls on African and Arab economists to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, on Saturday called for concerted efforts among economic actors in Africa and the Arab world to exchange experiences and successful experiences and contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq.

“It is important to focus on the role that the investment sector plays in supporting the role of the investment sector,” Aboul Gheit said in a speech delivered on his behalf by Nada Al-Ajizi, Director of the Department of Sustainable Development and International Cooperation of the Arab League. Aspirations of the Iraqi people on the reconstruction of their homeland after the terrible defeat inflicted on terrorist groups. “

He added that “the presence of many officials on the file of investment in Iraq and their participation in the conference is an opportunity to identify the facilities and privileges offered by the Republic of Iraq to Arab and African investors in this context.”

Aboul Gheit pointed out that “the importance of the conference comes at a very important time and discusses the dimensions of intra-African trade and the Arab world,” stressing that “international trade is the locomotive of the economic growth of countries in general, but our countries are among the least entities contributing to world trade because the majority Exports from Arab and African countries are natural resources and commodities without the introduction of a process of productivity adds value to the final product.

He called on Arab and African investors to “support the small and medium industries to contribute to increasing the return on the volume of exports and national income, which will contribute to creating new jobs that will contribute to the fight against terrorism.”

Aboul Gheit pointed out that “the themes of this conference include all the axes of development starting with economic development and promoting sustainable growth, the importance of involving the private sector in implementing the goals of sustainable development and enhancing its position as a strategic partner, ending the role of regional economic blocs in supporting the implementation of the goals of sustainable development.” Axes will contribute to the design of the features of cooperation between economic actors in the countries of the two regions.“ Source