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The Commission will announce on Saturday the launch of the election campaign

The head of the electoral administration in the Electoral Commission, Riad Badran, on Thursday, the date of launching media campaigns of coalitions and political parties participating in the electoral process and candidates.

Badran said in a statement received by “Iraq Eye News” that “the media campaigns will be launched on Saturday, and ends 24 hours before the start of polling day to allow the candidates to announce their programs and to identify themselves to voters.”

He pointed out that “the Commission will take the legal procedures to implement the penalties stipulated in the electoral law and the implementation of the paragraphs contained in the electoral campaign system No. 11 of 2018 for those who violate the controls of campaigns in accordance with Article 22 of the said system.”

Badran called on “all coalitions, parties and candidates to cooperate with the Electoral Commission and to adhere to the implementation of the vocabulary and controls of the electoral campaign system.” Source