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The Iraqi army progresses in the classification of “the strongest in the world”

The Iraqi Army ranks the most powerful, ranking 47th in the world and fourth in the Arab world, according to a new report by Global Firepower.

The report said that Egypt and Algeria occupy the top rank of the strongest African and Arab armies in 2018, followed by the Saudi army in third place, and then the Iraqi army, the Syrian.

The competition between the Egyptian and Algerian armies broke out after the indicators indicated that the Algerian army was ranked high with a slight decline of the Egyptian army, while the Iraqi army, which ranked sixth in the Arab world and the ninth in the world in the previous ranking.

Globally, the US military topped the list of the 2018 most powerful armies, followed by the Russian army, then China, India, France and Britain.

Global Firepower 2018 puts the world’s military forces in full perspective. It is about deploying rankings of the world’s armies based on various factors, including assessing the strength of armies based on their nuclear potential, economic support of the military and geographical factors. Source