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Legal: UNHCR’s statement on electoral papers invalidates them accountable for negligence

The Independent Electoral Commission (IHEC) is subject to legal accountability in accordance with Articles 330 and 331 of the Penal Code after the electoral administration in which Riad al-Badran declared the presence of blank and blank ballot papers at the ballot boxes.

Al-Tamimi told “Iraq News” that “the announcement by the head of the electoral administration in the Electoral Commission, Riad Badran, the presence of ballot papers stuffed and void in the ballot boxes after the election results announced last month, expose him to legal accountability in accordance with Articles 330_331 of the Penal Code relating to deliberate negligence and damage For the benefit of the body to which it works. “

He added that “the declaration requires and requires the prosecution to open an investigation because the statement on the media is a communication and is considered a crime, so the prosecutor must open an investigation under Law 49 and investigate the subject to reach the participants and not only the official who declares, “It is an act of terrorism,” he said.

The head of the electoral administration in the Electoral Commission for elections, Riad Badran, had alerted, earlier in the day, the administrators of the mechanism of counting and sorting by hand, to pay attention to the existence of 300,000 sheets of stuffing and about 500 thousand blank papers placed in the ballot boxes.

Said al – Badran, said in an interview televised, that “based on the mechanism of counting the hand count, pay attention to that there are 300 paper filler and about 500 thousand paper invalid”, and there are approximately 170 thousand only paper stuffing in Baghdad.” Source