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The Council of Judges: We have not discovered any fraud yet

A judge within the Council of Judges assigned, Tuesday, that the Commission commissioned not yet discovered any case of fraud, indicating that the process of counting and sorting by hand did not exceed more than 10 days.

The judge, for “the eye of Iraq News,” that “the process of counting and sorting manual will be conducted in situ in the provinces of Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk,” explaining that “the process will not take more than 10 days.”

He added that “the first hours of manual counting and counting, has not yet produced any fraud,” pointing out that “the Commission commissioned from the judges refused the participation of officials of the Electoral Commission in the process of counting and sorting and data entry.”

The member of the Legal Committee of the former MP Zana Said, had earlier returned, the election commission election Kirkuk province as a first station for manual counting and sorting to the sensitivity of the situation. Source