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Mass demonstrations continue in Tahrir Square for the ninth day

Demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad on Saturday continued their sit-in in the square for the ninth day in a row to demand the dismissal of the government and disclose the identity of the killers of the demonstrators and try them, as they continued to control the Turkish restaurant building despite attempts by riot police to control it for several days .

A source said that “the security situation in the bridge of the Republic is the concentration of demonstrators at the first line and below the bridge,” noting that “the security position in the bridge is the position of the demonstrators at the building of the garage and the movement of wheels at the normal Khellani Square.”

“The Tahrir Square is witnessing the influx of citizens,” he said.

The capital Baghdad and nine other provinces since last Friday (October 25), large-scale protests to demand the dismissal of the government and bring the killers of demonstrators to justice and work for early elections under international supervision, and resulted in the killing and wounding of hundreds of demonstrators and security forces as a result of brutal repression The demonstrators were subjected to it.  Source