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Abadi stresses during his meeting with the French ambassador to dismiss the government

Haider al-Abadi received in his office, on Tuesday, the French ambassador in Baghdad, Bruno Ober.

“During the meeting, they reviewed the overall situation in the country, the mass movement, the demonstrators’ demands for reform, the importance of working towards achieving them and the situation of Iraq externally after these events, in addition to relations between the two countries and the work of French companies to rebuild the country,” his office said in a statement.

Abadi stressed “the importance of meeting the true demands of peaceful demonstrators and we reiterate the importance of withdrawing confidence from this government or sacking it and that there will be early elections and a transitional period as laid out in the road map that we announced and the timing set therein.”

Since Friday, October 25, Baghdad and nine other provinces have witnessed large-scale protests demanding the dismissal of the government and bringing the killers of the demonstrators to justice and work for early elections under international supervision. Protesters suffered.

The religious authority in Iraq considered that this uprising is the first of the fraudulent ballot boxes in expressing the will of the people and choosing them to represent them. At any time the legitimacy of the ruler fell. Source