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Al-Halbousi: That is why I did not attend the voting session on the electoral law

Speaker of Parliament Muhammad Al-Halbousi revealed, today, Tuesday, the reason for not attending today’s session on voting on the provisions of the electoral law.

After attending the parliament, after completing the vote on the entire House of Representatives law during the session chaired by his first deputy, Hassan Al-Kaabi, Al-Halbousi said, “I did not preside over the voting session on the election law today, so that I will not be interpreted with one party against another.”

After the announcement of the vote on the election law as a whole, and the meeting was adjourned to another notice, he added, “There will be no president or any official in the state who holds dual physicality.”

On Tuesday 24-12-2019, the House of Representatives ended voting on the election law and passed the controversial paragraphs 15 and 16 of the law despite the objections of the Kurdish forces, which insisted that the province should be adopted as a single electoral district.

A parliamentary source inside the House of Representatives reported earlier today, Tuesday, that Parliament voted on Article 15 of the Electoral Law. Source