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A parliamentarian talks about the date of the parliament session to vote on the government

MP Naji Idris confirmed, on Sunday, that the parliament will hold its session in the next two weeks to vote on the new government, stating that there are no problems in holding a session to vote if the parliament presides for it.

Idris said in a press statement, “The House of Representatives may hold a session during the next two weeks to vote on the new government.”

He added, “During the next two weeks will cabin Prime Minister – designate Adnan Zurfi maximum on the House of Representatives, noting that” the problems do not exist in a hearing to vote in the event called on the presidency of the parliament for it. ”

For his part, MP for the coalition of moving Alaa al – Rubaie , said that “The dispute within the Shiite house in the nomination of Adnan al-Zarfi is partly due to the fact that the forces rejecting him feel his strength and are afraid of a prime minister who stands before his interests and privileges”, confirming that “al-Zarfi will announce his cabinet cabin And appointed the next two.” Source