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Joint operations: set a schedule to vacate all US sites

The Joint Operations Command confirmed, on Saturday, that the withdrawal of US forces from the Habbaniyah base in Anbar came according to a pre-agreed timetable, between the Iraqi government and set an evacuation schedule that includes all American sites in Iraq.

“The American forces left the Habbaniyah airbase according to an agreed timetable between the international coalition and the Iraqi government,” the spokesman for the leadership, Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji, said, noting that “the site was handed over to the Iraqi Aviation Command and under the supervision of the representative of the Prime Minister’s Office.”

He added that “the government set a schedule for the evacuation that includes all American sites in the country after completing the readiness of the security forces to seize the security file,” noting that “the forces withdrawing from the Habbaniyah base left Iraq and did not move to other locations.”

And that “all American forces that will withdraw will leave Iraq and have not moved to another location according to the agreement between the coalition and the Iraqi government.” Source