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Deputy reveals an urgent step for Abdul Mahdi if the parliament does not resolve the rest of his composition

Said the deputy of the alliance, “the conquest,” Thamer Dhiban, Saturday (December 8, 2018), that the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, will resort to an urgent step, in the event that the political blocs did not agree to resolve the rest of the ministerial cabin.

“The political blocs in the event that failed to agree to resolve the eight vacant ministries, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi will be obliged to submit the names to the House of Representatives again for the purpose of voting,” said Deiban in an interview with (Baghdad today).

He added that “if the parliament also fails to pass those names, Abdul Mahdi will occupy these ministries by proxy.”

“The construction coalition categorically rejects the administration of vacant ministries by proxy and repeated the experience of previous years,” he said.

In the same context, the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, Al-Bast (8 December 2018), held a meeting with the heads of the parliamentary blocs, in the Constitutional Hall of Parliament, to discuss the completion of the ministerial cabin.

A parliamentary source said in an interview with Baghdad today that “a meeting was held in the Constitutional Hall under the chairmanship of the First Deputy Speaker of the Council, Hassan al-Kaabi, and the second deputy Bashir Haddad.”

He added that the meeting was held “in the presence of the heads and representatives of the parliamentary blocs, and during the meeting to discuss the distribution of committees on the blocks and take into account the issue of election and the number of seats in parallel with the corresponding ministries in the government.”

The prime minister has submitted candidates for 8 ministries vacant, political forces are still different on the nomination of ministers, including the defense and the Interior, last week, before the parliament failed to hold a meeting to pass them. Source