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Al-Tamimi: Iraq will borrow from 21 foreign parties in the budget of 2019

A member of the House of Representatives Magda Tamimi, on Saturday morning (29 December 2018), that Iraq will borrow, according to the draft federal budget law for the year 2019, from 21 foreign parties.

“Borrowing in the 2019 budget from 21 third parties without domestic borrowing,” Tamimi said in a tweet through her Twitter account.

She added that “the Ministry of Electricity alone will borrow from 15 parties.”

She explained that the parties to borrow from the Ministry of Electricity: “14 of them external and only one domestic destination.”

“The 2019 budget is going in the wrong direction,” she said.

The House of Representatives is expected to resume its sessions after the New Year holiday, to pass the bill, which was returned by the government back to him, after making minor adjustments.

The Council had made 47 observations on the budget law prepared by the previous government, and sent back to the current Council of Ministers, for the purpose of amending. Source