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Kurdish delegation renews Baghdad-Erbil negotiations on budget and oil delivery

A member of the Kurdistan Parliament of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Rebwar Babkai, Saturday (October 12, 2019) resumed negotiations and dialogues between Baghdad and Erbil after being stopped due to recent demonstrations.

Babkai said in an interview (Baghdad today), that “the postponement of the visit of a delegation headed by the Minister of Territory, Khalid Shwani to Baghdad last week, because of the events of recent demonstrations” in Baghdad and a number of other provinces.

He added, “It will resume the mutual visit between the parties, there is a delegation from the Government of the Territory will visit Baghdad in the coming days to discuss issues of budget and the delivery of oil and the participation of the people of the disputed areas in the upcoming elections.”

He pointed out that “another delegation representing deputies from the Finance Committee and the Oil and Energy Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives will visit Erbil to hold a series of meetings with the competent authorities in preparation for resolving the outstanding issues, especially the issue of budget and oil.”

The angry demonstrations started in Baghdad and a number of provinces, in early October, led to more than a hundred dead, and 6,000 wounded, during which tight security measures were taken, including a curfew in Baghdad, Dhi Qar, and Diwaniyah, demanding the provision of Jobs, services, and the elimination of corruption. Source