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Deputy: Ministry of Finance is moving to provide funds to meet the demands of the demonstrators

Jassem al-Bukhati, a member of the Wisdom Movement, said on Sunday that the Iraqi people have reached a stage of mistrust of the government “as a result of untrue promises”.

“The Iraqi street has reached a stage of distrust of the government, and then responds to the demands of the demonstrators are inevitable,” Bukhati said, noting that “the citizen has become aware that there is indifference and attention to his demands by the three authorities.”

However, a member of the House of Representatives: “After the recent protests we have seen a serious movement through the interaction of the legislative and executive authority with the demands for the purpose of implementing the reform and implementation of recommendations,” pointing to “the existence of mobility by the Ministry of Finance to provide the necessary funds to implement these recommendations.”

The capital Baghdad, along with other provinces, witnessed in the first week of October this year, popular demonstrations against the deterioration of services and the spread of unemployment and corruption, including violence that led to the deaths of more than 100 demonstrators and a security element and the injury of thousands, while the three presidencies launched initiatives and promises to respond to the demands of the demonstrators.

Some areas of the capital are still witnessing intensive security, especially in roads and intersections, which were cut during the demonstrations, while the authorities reopened the Green Zone in central Baghdad, and the Internet service was restored after it was cut off. Source