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Sadr put forward 15 proposals for demonstrators next Friday .. Wave of the people is coming

Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Sadrist movement, on Wednesday, presented 15 proposals to the demonstrators on Friday, while assuring the protesters that in the event of assault on you again, we will act in a way that suits the satisfaction of God and satisfaction.

“I promised God that I would not be the backbone of the corrupt, but as my father taught me to be a supporter of the reformers,” Sadr said in a statement obtained by Baghdad today.

In his statement, al-Sadr mentioned 15 points that were singled out by the demonstrators as follows:

First point: Give your brother in the security forces a rose.

The second point: the spirit of perseverance and patience for the homeland love the country of faith.

The third point: to preserve the property of the public and private people understand your brothers.

The third point: that the good does not target the guilt of the corrupt, in the government who are overwhelmed, do not hurt them.

Point Four: Reflect a beautiful picture of your organization and your cheers, your actions and your actions.

Fifth point: Do not start violence, corrupt is not afraid of arms more than peace.

Sixth point: Many people, even those who belong to the parties who are not in the government, want to participate, but it is ignorant of your demands and your mechanisms.

Point 7: Keep yourself as much as possible.

Point 8: Do not allow anyone to confiscate your efforts to those at home and abroad, you are the owners of the initiative.

Point nine: Your brothers in the (Sadrists) all formations at your service .. We ask God that you do not need the help of anyone.

Point 10: Raising the level of your demands is a good condition on the prudence in order not to lose Iraq constitutionally and security .. Please pay attention.

Point XI: document and pictures what happens as much as possible.

Point 12: Your reputation is more important than your demands.

Point 13: I advise in coordination with the Iraqi tribes and cultural, literary and media elites and others.

Point fifteenth: the patience of the corrupt quickly run out and your patience longer Vtassoa rope of God and do not despair Vslmetkm greater than their walls and their weapons.

Finally, know that if you are assaulted again, we will act in a way that suits the satisfaction of God.

The leader of the Sadrist movement said: “The wave of the people is coming through the shore of the bow and you corrupt bend.” Source