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Abdul-Mahdi: We have come out of the storm and are currently talking with demonstrators, unions and the state

The law prohibits the holding of demonstrations for more than 4 hours and the current demonstrations are 40 days ago.

There are those who called in conjunction with the demonstrations to bring about a 100996

Holding the current government responsible for the accumulation of corruption is /unfair and we have major reforms.

“We regret the deaths of demonstrators and security forces,” Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said in his speech at the cabinet meeting on Tuesday night.

Abdul-Mahdi said that “corruption accumulated a lot in Iraq because of the oil cake,” stressing that “corruption is a key file in Iraq and must be addressed.”

Abdul-Mahdi said, “It is not permissible to download a government several months old files of corruption.” The Iraqi prime minister reiterated that some saboteurs deliberately clashed with security forces, adding that “the demonstrations are right, but they are licensed by the Ministry of Interior”, we do not want the demonstrations only to emerge victorious Volume 0%.

He revealed analyzes that Iraq would enter into a Shiite-Shiite conflict. “We need to amend the general election law,” he said. The Iraqi capital Baghdad and other parts of the country are witnessing mass demonstrations against corruption, which killed at least 280 people, in addition to hundreds of injuries. Iraqi demonstrators face continued repression by police and Iranian-backed militias, using live bullets and tear gas. Source