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Deputy for Saeroun: The coming hours will witness calm conditions, according to the wish of the authority and the street

Deputy Saber Badr Al-Ziyadi confirmed on Saturday (December 28, 2019) that the coming hours will witness calm conditions by the political blocs according to what the Marjaiyah and the Street want and a desire to end the crisis.

Al-Ziyadi said in a statement received (Baghdad today), that “the building coalition’s insistence on nominating a partisan figure does not give the street calm”, noting that “the behavior of the President of the Republic, Barham Saleh, by not assigning the construction candidate was a wise stance, because he wants to maintain security and civil peace in Iraq” Rather than drag Iraq into chaos. ”

He added, “The largest bloc has not been decided since 2018, and at that time, there was going to a consensus to choose Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi. Today we do not want to return to the issue of the largest bloc and occupy the street with this issue. Rather, act wisely because the street today is rising and wants to reform, and the parties did not present them to them.” Any thing”.

He added that “the next prime minister is for a specific period in order to prepare for the early elections, but it was not discussed that the prime minister will be for the next three years in order to insist on building a party candidate.”

And Al-Ziyadi added, “The coming hours will witness calm by the political blocs to rectify the situation from slipping and an attempt to apprehend the situation by all parties to calm the street, and end this thorny scene according to what the reference and the demonstrators want.” Source