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US State Department: We are watching Iran’s moves in Iraq despite the Corona crisis

The US State Department said on Tuesday (April 7, 2020) that it is monitoring what it called .”Iran’s actions in Iraq” despite the crisis of the Corona virus.

Regarding the recent attacks on US bases and coalition forces in Iraq, Trump said that our” engagement in the conditions resulting from the fight against the Corona virus does not mean that we are ignoring the situation in the region,” State Department spokesperson .Morgan Ortagos said in a press statement.

She added: “We are watching Iran’s actions in Iraq and we are not unaware of our forces there. The safety of American soldiers in Iraq is very important for President Trump and “.Foreign Minister Pompeo.

Ortagos continued: “Trump has warned that the militias that support Iran in Iraq are responsible, Iran cannot say that we did not do that but the militias that carried out the attacks, we consider Iran to be responsible, and it is better for the Iranian regime to .demonstrate a normal behavior by placing His people are his priorities, “she said.

The spokeswoman stressed that “Washington is still committed to what I previously presented with a proposal to provide aid to Iran, and we remain committed to our proposal to provide support to the Iranian people and help combat the Corona virus, without any “.compensation.

She added: “We know that at least 17 Iranian officials have died, due to the Corona virus, and this proves that the Iranian regime does not have the ability to confront the Corona “.virus.

Ortagos stated: “These days are difficult for all of us, so it is time for us to put political differences aside and help each other as human beings. The American government wants to help the Iranian people and has no other program, and we expect the Iranian regime to help “.its people rather than hostile to the United States Regarding the imposition of sanctions on medical materials.

Ortagos said: “The Iranian regime knows very well that US sanctions have never prevented humanitarian aid and medical supplies. For example, documents show that the Iranian regime has imported test kits since January, so the United States She always excluded humanitarian and medical aid, and did not subject her to sanctions, and therefore the Iranian regime should better manage .this crisis rather than blame the United States. Source