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Disclosure of the date of the arrival of the budget law 2020 to the Iraqi parliament

Member of the implementation of the government program and strategic planning in Parliament, Hassan Al Masoudi, revealed today, Tuesday, the date of the arrival of the 2020 budget law to parliament, to impose its reading and voting on it.

Al-Masoudi told (Baghdad Today) that “the 2020 budget law will reach the Iraqi parliament immediately after the end of the Eid al-Fitr holiday,” noting that “drafting and preparing the law is exclusively a task of the cabinet, and there is no participation of the parliament, But after reaching the parliament, there will be a role for the relevant parliamentary committees, to give their comments on the law and to amend what they see appropriate. ”

He added that “if the budget arrives, the parliament will hold its sessions in order to read the law and then vote on it, despite the existence of the Corona virus epidemic, there is a determination to pass the budget quickly when it reaches the parliament. Source