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Al-Kazemi: The country is going through great financial crises and the Corona pandemic, and we have plans to overcome it

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, confirmed today, Sunday, the start of practical steps in the government to face the financial and health challenges of the Corona pandemic, after completing the cabinet.

Al-Kazemi’s media office quoted Al-Kazemi as saying during the extraordinary cabinet meeting now being held: “We bless the new ministers with the parliament’s vote on them, and today after completing the cabinet, we start with practical steps, as a team, to overcome the challenges that the country is going through.”

Al-Kazimi added, “The country is going through great crises and challenges in the financial aspect, the Corona pandemic, the collapse of oil prices, etc., and we have put plans in place to overcome them, and this requires cooperation by everyone with the government to put the country on the right path.”

The Prime Minister continued, “The poor administrative system has hindered many projects, and we are working hard to reform it.”

And the Iraqi Council of Ministers held, earlier today, Sunday (7 June 2020) its special session to discuss financial and economic reform in the country.

The media office of the council stated, “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi chaired the special session of the Council of Ministers, which is devoted to discussing financial and economic reform.” Source