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Trump’s advisor: Iraq has asked the World Bank for financial assistance and Washington will help it in that

Gabriel Somma, a member of the advisory office, revealed to President Donald Trump, today, Tuesday, that Iraq submitted a request to the World Bank for financial assistance, while noting that. Washington will work to achieve this Soma said in his speech to the program (Shortest Roads) (, which is presented by Dr. Nabil Jassem on the Sharqiya channel , that “Iraq asked the World Bank for financial assistance and the United States is a major contributor to the World Bank and will help it in that, because the “.reputation of Iraq in financial terms is very good He added, “Washington wants to know what the Iraqi government wants from it.

Will it decide to “leave the American forces or keep them with a formula of understanding and specific roles He pointed out that “Iranian influence in Iraq threatens the security of Iraq, and the threat of ISIS still exists with 10,000 ISIS elements, and there is a threat to Iraq by militias that receive money, “.weapons and orders from Iran.

And he stated, “At the present time, I do not think that there is a trend towards the exit of American “.forces from Iraq, because of the danger of ISIS in the region. Source