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American Institute: The withdrawal may be achieved before the completion of 3 years .. 3 reasons that prevented American investments in the past

An American institute considers the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the United States successful, and while he spoke about 3 reasons that hindered US investments in Iraq previously, he indicated that the withdrawal promised by President Donald Trump may take place before the end of the 3-year period that he set .

The director of the American Hudson Institute for Political and Military Analysis – Richard Weitz said that the visit of the Iraqi prime minister was good, not only through his meeting with President Donald Trump, but also through the rest of the meetings in which the Iraqi delegation made progress on the economic level,

adding that “Trump talked about the agreement.” With Iraq selling more weapons and energy deals, as well as the issue of the military presence has been resolved, we may have to wait for the post-election period. ”

He pointed out that “the American withdrawal, which President Trump has set for three years, is subject to changes on the ground. ISIS has been cordoned off and the Iraqi forces with the help of the United States maintain the situation, and the organization is no longer able to establish a state again, as happened in 2014,” noting that “the American forces have been reduced and there.” There is a need to continue training Iraqi forces and providing air and intelligence support. ”

He stressed that “there is an Iraqi desire to cooperate with the United States and I think that Trump’s stay in the White House or the coming of Joseph Biden will not change the US strategy in Iraq, as the number of forces will continue to be reduced and withdrawn completely within 3 years and there may be changes on the ground that reduce the period

.” The United States wants to avoid any escalation in Iraq and is working to stop the attacks on the camps in which it is present and to continue training the Iraqi armed forces. ”

With regard to the agreements concluded by the Iraqi delegation during the visit, Weitz said, “There is a problem in implementing the deals and agreements signed between Iraq and the United States due to the presence of 3 things, the first of which is security challenges and insufficient stability, and the second is that the Iraqi ministries were not effective in amending some laws and also there were tensions in The relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government is what led to the suspension of implementation due to the existence of these obstacles. The political and economic reform in Iraq creates the appropriate ground.

He stressed that “the United States wants a good relationship between Baghdad and Erbil to implement its investments because the existence of differences and the absence of stable ground will impede this.”

With regard to the early Iraqi elections, which Al-Kazemi set June 6 of 2021 as a date for them, Weitz said, “The United States will support the upcoming Iraqi electoral process logistically and healthily in the presence of the Corona pandemic, support for security and law, and any operations expected by ISIS to target the electoral process will be responded to by the international coalition.”

The American General Electric Company revealed, Thursday (August 20, 2020), the details of the Iraqi government’s signing of two new agreements to strengthen the country’s electrical power infrastructure, with peak demand for it during the summer months.

The company said in a statement received (Baghdad today), that “the value of these two agreements amounts to $ 1.2 billion, at $ 500 million with General Electric for gas energy to carry out modernization, maintenance and vital service for a number of electric power stations, which will enhance efficiency levels and help preserve more than 6 thousand megawatts of electrical energy. ”

She added that “$ 727 million is with the network solutions business unit at General Electric for Renewable Energy to enhance the electric power transmission network in Iraq, improve its stability and connect it with the energy network in Jordan,” noting that “the company is cooperating with a number of export credit agencies to secure more than one billion dollars to finance Projects in the country. ”

And the company statement continued, “General Electric enjoys a historical and long-term partnership with Iraq, and is committed to meeting the needs of the electric power in the country, in light of the efforts of both sides to lay the foundations for ambitious projects in the energy sector that contribute to securing reliable energy resources throughout the country and keeping pace with the aspirations of the Iraqi people.” .

She said: “In this context, GE Gas Energy will undertake the implementation of contracts in the country amounting to half a billion US dollars with the aim of improving and maintaining the main power plants in Iraq, which are a vital pillar to maintain the generation of 6 thousand megawatts of electric power and enhance operational efficiency.” For the electric power transmission network in Iraq and linking it with the power grid in Jordan, after signing a contract to implement this project worth 727 million dollars.

He continued, “In addition to implementing the services entrusted to it, GE will also cooperate closely with a number of export credit agencies to discuss securing more than $ 1 billion in financing for these projects.”

The American company confirmed, “In the presence of His Excellency the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi and a group of officials in the governments of Iraq and the United States of America, the partnership agreements were signed by His Excellency the Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Eng. Majid Mahdi Al-Amara, and Mr. Michael Isho, Vice President and Financial Director of General Electric Gas Energy.”

The company’s statement quoted Minister of Electricity Majed Mahdi Al-Emara as saying: “Our main focus is on ensuring the continuity of the electricity supply without interruption, especially in the summer months that witness peak demand for them to meet the needs of our people and various business fields. In our relentless pursuit to achieve these goals, we have already launched There is no doubt that introducing advanced technologies at the global level, especially those aimed at modernizing our power plants and ensuring smooth and smooth operations, constitute major pillars of our strategy. The new agreements signed with the leading company in energy technologies, General Electric, are an ideal option. To meet our requirements, and based on the close partnership that brings us together to generate more electricity in the country. ”

Scott Strazik, CEO of GE Gas Energy, said: “GE has a long-standing presence in Iraq, and we are working to fulfill our promises to the country and its people. At a time when the demand for electric power is rising with the increasing number of the population, and with the aim of supporting various sectors and establishing development projects in the country, we are working to identify areas of imbalance and fill the current gaps as a top priority. We thank the Iraqi government for the confidence it has placed “With regard to our capabilities to supply the necessary energy to the areas that need it in the country whenever needed, and there is no doubt that the new agreements will clearly contribute to laying the foundations of a more reliable and robust infrastructure in the energy sector.”

Heiner Markov, CEO of Network Solutions at General Electric, said: “The importance of these agreements goes beyond the mere transmission of electric power in Iraq, as they lay the foundations for the necessary infrastructure for the country’s power transmission network and are found to advance development and pave the way for Iraq to achieve the desired positive change in its various cities. We are very proud to be able to continue to support the growth of reliable and sustainable infrastructure for electric power in Iraq. There is no doubt that these partnerships will meet the aspirations of millions of the Iraqi people and provide them with electric power, and will advance the economic development in Iraq. ”

The statement pointed out that “the service agreement signed between the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and General Electric for gas energy is considered a vital program for modernization and maintenance, and provides for the implementation of the maintenance program in many project sites in Iraq.” GE will strive to employ the latest technologies in these sites to get back to the maximum degree. The benefit to the Ministry, such as supplying spare parts and carrying out repair and service operations in the electric power generation stations in Basra, Mosul, Baghdad, Karbala and others, which results in preserving the supply of more than 6 thousand megawatts of electric power. This comes in addition to the company’s success by adding 1575 Gigawatts of electrical energy in Iraq since December 2019, and its continued supply of 4,325 GW to meet the peak demand during the summer season.

He added that “the agreement signed between the Network Solutions Business Unit at General Electric and the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity aims to strengthen the Iraqi power transmission network and connect it with the network in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in a step that will greatly contribute to removing the pressure placed on the network and providing electric power according to the highest levels of reliability.”

The company added, “General Electric will take over the design; And supply; Installation, testing and commissioning work on designated high-voltage substations and overhead transmission lines. As part of a major initiative that will enhance the flow of operations in the national electric power grids in various parts of Iraq, the company will help supply energy to many areas severely affected during the conflicts that arose in them, and will provide all means of support for the reconstruction of these areas.

She said, “GE is committed to fulfilling all of its commitments and pledges as a partner to Iraq in developing its infrastructure and meeting its future needs. Based on its presence in Iraq for more than 50 years, GE’s partnerships are not limited to short-term power generation projects to meet peak demand during In the summer, it covers mega projects that contribute to generating energy to meet the needs of the population and industrial sectors, and the company helped secure more than $ 2.4 billion to finance energy sector projects in cooperation with export credit agencies, commercial banks, and other institutions. Source