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 A Kurdish deputy talks about a “last attempt” in the negotiations in Erbil and Baghdad, after news of their stoppage

A member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament for the Democratic Party, Idris Shaban, said today, Saturday, that the regional government is continuing its negotiations with Baghdad in a final attempt regarding the Kurdistan’s share of the general budget for 2021.

Idris Shaaban said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “the talk about stopping negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil is borne by the political parties that do not want to reach an agreement between the two parties,” indicating that “the regional government is continuing to negotiate with it in a final attempt to persuade the political blocs to fix Kurdistan’s share of the budget. “.

And a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Thamer Theban, revealed today, Saturday, that the dialogues about the share of the Kurdistan region in the 2021 budget have stopped due to the recent statements of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani.

Shaaban added, “The statements of the President of the Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, were realistic and in harmony with the constitution. He did not say that we would not deliver the oil. Rather, he said that it is illogical to hand over all the oil, because the region has obligations with oil companies and local consumption.”

A member of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region confirmed that “the regional government has fully approved the delivery of 250 thousand barrels of oil per day with half of the proceeds from the border crossings.”

And the President of the Kurdistan government, Masrour Barzani, confirmed, on Wednesday (February 10, 2021), that the region will work by all means if Baghdad tries to impose its will on Erbil, as he put it.

Barzani said during a press conference, followed by (Baghdad today), that “the regional government is still discussing with Baghdad the files of the budget and oil delivery.”

He added, “If Baghdad tries to impose its will on Kurdistan, the region will work by all means to ensure what Kurdistan needs.”

Barzani added, “We will work in all directions, with the government and parliament, in order not to reach a dead end,” noting that “the failure of Baghdad and Erbil to reach an agreement will harm all of Iraq.”

During the conference, Barzani said, “Some political forces in Baghdad are struggling with each other to attract votes from the Iraqi street before the upcoming Federal Parliament elections.”

Barzani called, “the Kurdish blocs to unify their position in Baghdad with regard to the federal budget file.”

Barzani stressed that “handing over all oil to the federal government is an unconstitutional requirement,” adding: “We refuse to deliver all oil to the central government, because the region has obligations.”

He pointed out that “Iraqi political parties are struggling with each other to attract the voices of the street before the elections,” calling on “the Kurdish parties to unify their position in the budget file.”

Barzani explained that the region “requested that the budget be transparent and in accordance with the articles of the Iraqi constitution,” noting that “Kurdistan supports and supports the previous agreement that was signed with the federal government.”