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A parliamentary bloc reveals the truth about the secret negotiations between Iran and the United States in Iraq

The head of the Bayariq Al-Khair Parliamentary Bloc, Muhammad Othman Al-Khalidi, revealed today, Tuesday, the truth about the news that talks about secret negotiations between American-Iranian delegations in Iraq.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Muhammad al-Khalidi said, “There is a series of problems between America and Iran that have multiple addresses, the most prominent of which comes in the economic framework that represents the most important and influential pyramid in the rest of the files.”

Al-Khalidi added, “The Biden government, after seizing control of matters in the White House, opened the door wide open to dialogues with Iran.” .

The head of the Bayariq al-Khair bloc in Parliament pointed out that “Iraq is effective in the Middle East region and has an impact in these meetings in terms of pushing for a more stable environment in the Middle East.”

And recent press reports spoke of Iranian-American negotiations being secretly conducted in the capital, Baghdad, away from the media, with the aim of reaching an agreement between the two parties.