US Urges Iraq to Address Protestors’ Grievance

The United States has called on Iraq to “address the protestors’ grievance” through enacting reforms and “tackling corruption,” while condemning the violations made during in the demonstrations.

The message was conveyed during a phone call between the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and Iraqi PM Adil Abdul Mahdi to discuss the recent protests in Baghdad and other major cities, which have so far resulted in the killing of scores of people and wounding of nearly 6,000 others.

According to a statement by the US Department of State, Pompeo “noted that those who violated human rights should be held accountable,” while reiterating that “peaceful public demonstrations are a fundamental element of all democracies, and emphasized that there is no place for violence in demonstrations, either by security forces or protestors.”

The Iraqi Ministry of Health on Tuesday revealed that a total of 165 people were killed during the protests in one week alone.

Pompeo further “lamented the tragic loss of life over the past few days and urged the Iraqi government to exercise maximum restraint,” the statement added.

“Secretary Pompeo encouraged Prime Minister Abd al-Mahdi to take immediate steps to address the protesters’ grievances by enacting reforms and tackling corruption.” Source

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