Trump to Hit Turkey “Financially” if It Doesn’t Play by Rules

US President Donald Trump threatened once again on Thursday to “hit Turkey financially” with sanctions if Ankara does not play by rules, as the Turkish army has already moved into northeastern Syria.

“Turkey has been planning to attack the Kurds for a long time. They have been fighting forever. We have no soldiers or Military anywhere near the attack area. I am trying to end the ENDLESS WARS. Talking to both sides,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

After the White House announced that the US forces would withdraw from Syria, and that a Turkish operation would be soon launched against the Kurds in the country, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) blamed Washington for “abandoning” the Kurdish fighters.

Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to stay out of this war.

“Some want us to send tens of thousands of soldiers to the area and start a new war all over again. Turkey is a member of NATO. Others say STAY OUT, let the Kurds fight their own battles (even with our financial help),” he added.

“I say hit Turkey very hard financially & with sanctions if they don’t play by the rules! I am watching closely,” the US top official warned.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared Ankara’s operation in Syria on Wednesday afternoon, while several casualties have so far been reported from the region. Source

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