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Turkey Bombards US Forces in Syria: Report

Turkish artillery has bombarded the US Special Forces in northern Syria, as Ankara has intensified its operations against the Kurdish forces in the region, a report revealed on Friday.

In an inclusive report, Newsweek said that it had learned through a Kurdish intelligence official and a senior Pentagon official that the US Special Forces, operating on the hill of Mashtenour in the Kurdish city of Kobani in Syria, have been attacked by Turkish bombardments.

Other unconfirmed reports claimed that a US soldier has been killed as a result of the shelling, which was apparently conducted by mistake.

The US has already warned that Turkey should “play by rules.”

Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, during a phone call with Turkish Defense Minister on Thursday, expressed strong concerns over the US personnel still present in Syria, who could be harmed by the Turkish operation.

However, Former US envoy to the international coalition against Islamic State (IS), Brett McGurk has argued in a statement on his Twitter account that “Turkey knows all of our locations down to the precise grid coordinate as confirmed by SECDEF and CJCS only two hours ago. This was not a mistake.” Source