Says Rocket Launchpad Destroyed after Friday’s Fire at Qayyara Base

Iraqi security forces discovered and destroyed a rocket launchpad from where multiple Katyusha rockets were fired at Qayyara military base in Nineveh province, said commander of joint operations command, Nawman Zubai’ee.

Late on Friday, the security media cell of the defense ministry said “terrorist elements” had fired 17 missiles at the Qayyarah base in Nineveh province, without causing human casualties or material damage.

Located about 60 kilometers south of the city of Mosul, the base is home to the US troops who are present in the area as part of the Coalition’s mission battling the Islamic State.

Zubai’ee said the Iraqi forces launched an operation after the rocket attack. They managed to discover and destroy the launchpad from where the rockets were fired.

They also killed three “terrorist elements” and destroyed three vehicles, the commander said. Source

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