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Canada-led NATO Trainings Continue Despite Violence in Iraq: General

Despite the ongoing protests and growing violence in central and southern Iraq, Canada will continue the training mission it offers the Iraqi army, said a top Canadian general.

“I’m concerned about what has been happening in Iraq over the last number of weeks,” said Lt.-Gen. Mike Rouleau, the head of Canada’s overseas and domestic operations, in a year-end interview with CBC News. “We’ll be happy when the instability stops.”

He explained that, however, the unrest, which has distracted Iraqi officials, forced them to call off some meetings and activities in the country.

There have been a number of meetings and engagements that have had to be cancelled,” he said. “The lion’s share of the business proceeds apace.”

Canada leads the NATO alliance mission to train instructors at three Iraqi military schools and advise the country’s defence ministry. They are partnered with Iraqis in the north of the country, providing counterterrorism advice and assistance in the ongoing mission against Islamic State (IS) remnants. Source