Iran Should Increase Military Power to Prevent Attacks: Khamenei

Iran should increase its military power to prevent others from attacking it, said Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Saturday in a meeting with his country’s air force commanders.

“We should be strong to prevent any war against the country. Being weak will encourage our enemies to attack Iran,” IRNA quoted Khamenei.

The remarks come amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington. The two nations took military actions against one another in January, increasing the fear of a major confrontation in the divided Middle East.

“Since the revolution, their aim was to stop us from having a strong military and a strong air force … but look at us now. We even build planes. We have transformed their pressure into opportunity,” Khamenei added.

However, the Iranian leader said, Tehran was posing no threats to other countries, but making sure that its security was guaranteed.

He also dismissed the US sanctions as “criminal acts” which will not succeed to break down Iran.

“These sanctions are criminal acts … but we can turn it into an opportunity by distancing Iran’s economy from being dependent on oil exports,” said Khamenei. Source

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