Iraq Deploys Forces to Border with Syria

Iraq’s Defense Ministry has deployed forces to the border with Syria as part of Baghdad’s “strategy” to secure the region, a spokesperson said on Saturday. Yehia Rasool, Iraq’s defense ministry spokesperson, wrote on Twitter that the forces were deployed to the border town of al-Qaim.

“As part of the @IraqiGovt’s strategy to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border, @MoDmilIQ deployed its forces on the highway to the al-Qaim at the Syrian border,” Rasool said. “The road connecting Baghdad to Syria is secure.”

The military deployment comes as the Islamic State (IS) has reportedly regrouped itself in several areas in Iraq and Syria.

Earlier last week, Jabr al-Zubeidi, a former commander of the pro-Iranian Iraqi Badr Brigades and a senior member of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, warned in a statement that over 2,000 militants of the IS group had reportedly plotted to infiltrate into Iraq. Source

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