Sadrist Movement Threatens Incoming PM of Iraq

The supporters of Iraq’s Shia cleric and populist politician Muqtada al-Sadr will overthrow the government of PM-designate Mohammed Allawi if his cabinet is made up of members of political parties, said a senior aide to Sadr.

Iraqi president has named Allawi as the nominee for the position of prime minister after months of political deadlock to find a successor for resigned prime minister Adil Abdul Mahdi.

On Monday, Sadr’s security advisor Kazim Isawi, said the Sadrist Movement would overthrow Allawi’s future government if the cabinet includes members from political parties.

“We will turn Iraq into a hell for them and we will face the cabinet with failure within three days,” Isawi threatened.

“Ministers of Allawi’s cabinet should have no political affiliations.”

However, with the structure of Iraq’s politics, as well as the influence of foreign actors, the call seems infeasible. Sadr previously made similar statements, but they could not save the country’s politics from the influence of political factions, especially the majority of Shias. Source

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