Pompeo Accuses Iran of Using Satellite Launch to Develop Missiles

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday accused Iran of using a satellite launch for developing its ballistic missiles.

Pompeo’s accusations came two days after Iranian officials revealed that Tehran had failed to send an Iranian-made Zafar satellite into Earth orbit.

He further pointed out that the technology involved in a space launch was “virtually identical” to those used in long-range systems.

“Each launch, whether failed or not, further allows Iran to gain experience using such technologies that could benefit its missile programs under the guise of a peaceful space program,” the US top diplomat said.

“The United States will continue to build support around the world to confront the Iranian regime’s reckless ballistic missile activity, and we will continue to impose enormous pressure on the regime to change its behavior.”

US President Donald Trump in 2018 withdrew from Iran nuclear deal and started to reimpose sanctions on Tehran. Source

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