Iraq’s Fatih Coalition Rejects Adnan al-Zurfi as PM-designate

Iraq’s Fatih Coalition led by Hadi al-Amiri has rejected the nomination of Adnan al-Zurfi as the new premier-designate of the country, considering the move “unconstitutional”.

President Barham Salih earlier the day nominated al-Zurfi as Iraq’s new PM who constitutionally has 30 days to form a new cabinet in Baghdad.

Fatih Coalition has argued that Salih’s decision was not constitutional and that only the largest parliamentary bloc has the right to name a new prime minister for the country.

Naming al-Zurfi comes while anti-government protesters, who have been taking to the streets since October, have repeatedly rejected to accept any figure who is affiliated with political parties.

However, the new PM-designate, who previously served as Najaf governor, is currently the head of Nasr parliamentary bloc. Source

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