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Iraqi Hezbollah Suspects US Moves in Iraq, Threatens to React

The Iran-backed militia of Kataib Hezbollah says the recent US military mobilizations in Iraq are “suspicious”, and that the group could react.

Mohammed Mouhie, a spokesperson for the Shia militia group, which operates under the umbrella of Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi paramilitary group, said they suspect the recent US military moves in Iraq could be part of Washington’s plans with a specific intention.

The comment comes after US pulled out it’s troops from three bases in Iraq and redeployed them to larger military camps in Iraq, Kurdistan Region, and Kuwait.

The evacuated bases were in western province of Anbar, as well as those in Nineveh and Kirkuk provinces, north of Iraq.

“This is suspicious. We will face them if they do not leave Iraq completely,” Mouhie said.

Meanwhile, military sources told AFP on Monday that the US has deployed Patriot missile system to its military bases in Anbar and Erbil provinces as part of the plan to secure its positions against any possible attacks from Iran or its proxy militias. Source