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Majority of IDP Reluctant to Return Home Due to Instability: KRG

The majority of IDPs based in the Kurdistan Region are reluctant to return to their places of origin due to instability in their areas, an official said, adding that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) provides 70 percent of the civilians’ requirements.

Speaking to BasNews, Hoshang Mohammed, head of Kurdistan Region Interior Ministry’s Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC), pointed out that nearly 778,000 IDPs are currently based in 28 camps.

He further explained that the Iraqi government has urged the IDPs to return home, the civilians have rejected to leave the camps before their places of origins are reconstructed and the situation is normalized.

Mohammed also reminded that there a decrease in the international organizations’ humanitarian assistance to the IDPs.

“The humanitarian assistance by the Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration as well as international organizations for the IDPs has slashed in half in comparison to previous years.” Source