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The US-led Coalition to combat the Islamic State (IS) has appealed to Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga Ministry to help the coalition with military intelligence on the IS in Iraq, an official said on Friday.

Babakir Faqe Ahmed, a Peshmerga Ministry official, told BasNews that the appeal came in response to an increase in Islamic State’s activities in Iraq, noting that the coalition usually cooperates with the ministry when conducting operations against the insurgent group.

“Cooperations between the Peshmerga and coalition forces are significant and it will continue,” he said, reminding that the coalition has been providing military trainings to the Peshmerga fighters for years.

Despite the fact that the Islamic State was announced “fully” defeated in Iraq in late 2017, the extremist group has lately regrouped itself in various areas in the country, targeting the security forces and civilians.

They carried out a surprising attack on the Peshmerga forces in Garmiyan area a few days ago, killing two Kurdish fighters. Source