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Despite Remarkable Success, KRG Says Yet Early to Declare Total Victory over Coronavirus

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has made a significant success in its battle against the new coronavirus outbreak, but it sees the total victory as yet to come.

Even though it borders Iran, which has hugely suffered form the pandemic disease, the Kurdistan Region has so far recorded only 337 cases of COVID-19 infections, 4 deaths, and 260 recoveries.

The tremendous achievement is believed to be the result of timely measures the KRG took early in March by closing down borders, shutting down schools, universities and kindergartens, as well as cancelling all religious and cultural events. It also imposed a general lockdown in mid-march, which remains in place up to date with only some easing instructions.

Health Minister Saman Barzanji told reporters on Monday that they continue monitoring the situation carefully and conduction random coronavirus tests across the region.

“We are heading towards a hopeful situation, but it is yet early to declare a total victory over coronavirus,” the minister added.

“Protecting the people of Kurdistan Region and their well-being is the top priority for the KRG,” he emphasized. Source