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Iraqi PM-Designate Expected to Propose a Reshuffled Cabinet Lineup

Iraq’s new Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kadhimi is expected to propose a reshuffled lineup for his future cabinet, a lawmaker said.

Kadhimi, almost like his predecessors, is struggling to find a consensus with all political factions over his future government. His deadline to have his cabinet approved, according to the Iraqi constitution, is set for May 8.

MP Fadhil Fatlawi, from Fatih Alliance, said the PM-designate is likely to offer a new list of ministers in hopes of securing the support of all political factions, especially among the majority Shia blocs.

He said the new list will most likely be presented prior to a multilateral meeting between major Shia factions today evening.

If supported by the political factions, Kadhimi will forward the proposed cabinet to the parliament for a vote of confidence by Wednesday or Thursday next week, MP Fatlawi added. Source